SEO- How to get Backlinks?

How To Get Backlinks?

Many people have been asking me, How do you build backlinks.There’s no real secret to this one – I simply went about my business of blogging in a way that I felt would provide the most useful information and community for those exploring my topic. Below I have listed the top three ways to build backlinks even after the Google panda update. I also have included a great video from nickstraffictricks  that further elaborates on how to get backlinks.


1. Web 2.0 properties

Sites like tumblr, wordpress, blogger,Squidoo, Zimbio,  Hubpages, etc allow you to post content and include a link back to your own website. Keep in mind that some of these links are no follow. However the do-follow links can be extremely powerful and will rank your website in on time.

2. Blog Commenting

An easy way to get backlinks is to target Blogs that ‘Do-Follow’.  If you want to follow do-follow blogs (i.e. the ones that provide you with a backlink), here’s a great list:

3.RSS Directories

All over the Internet there are “RSS Directories” which serve the purpose of letting people explore different blogs/websites on a particular topic. By submitting your RSS feed to these directories your website gets a link back to it.



The best way to get backlinks is with a good backlinking software. A lot of us do not have the time to manually create backlinks by creating accounts to websites, filling out forms and captchas, creating content, etc. so that is where a good set of backlinking software come into use. Check out my top 3 backlinking software!!!

[youtube id=”Enter video ID (Lwj-VBPv8y0)” width=”600″ height=”350″]How to get Backlinks?

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